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Eco shopping bags

The fight for a clean environment is more relevant today than ever. The abundance of plastic, which has been widely used over the past 50 years, has made mankind think about alternatives to such an environmentally harmful material that decomposes from a hundred to a thousand years.

Eco bag is a modern alternative to plastic bags, which are made of plastic and are very harmful to the environment. Eco bags are made from natural materials such as cotton, linen and spunbond. They are inexpensive, durable, reusable and washable. Thanks to a wide variety of sizes, you can find a suitable option for both everyday wear and occasional wear, for example, when you need to make a weekly purchase of groceries.

Our company always tries to keep up with the times and offer options that are practical, comfortable and in line with modern fashion: with individual prints, in all kinds of colors, both for corporate and private clients.

Why choose eco bags

The first and most important advantage of eco bags for groceries or shopping is their environmental friendliness. If you adhere to an eco-friendly lifestyle, such an accessory should firmly enter your life and the lives of your customers, completely replacing any plastic bags - whether for food or carrying things.

Also, the advantages of such bags include:

  1. Strength. Cloth bags are quite strong and can withstand a much higher weight than any plastic bag. Unlike the same package, the bag will not break through the sharp corner of a milk package or a package of sausages.
  2. Washable and reusable. Rag bags can be washed and reused many times.
  3. Stylish appearance and comfortable to wear.

How practical is an eco bag

Unlike a bag, a woven bag looks more presentable. It can be comfortably carried on the shoulder, and not just in the hand. The fabric bag can be easily folded into a pocket, backpack or handbag.

Thanks to a wide variety of options in our catalog, everyone who wants to join the care of the environment will be able to find the right color and product design that will be in harmony with the brand style of the company and other accessories.

Order eco bags wholesale for groceries

Despite the fairly wide range of possible applications of eco-bags, their main purpose is to carry food. Here you have the opportunity to choose and buy an eco bag for products, which you can offer for purchase to your consumers. This offer is primarily relevant for grocery stores and supermarkets, for which we offer a wide variety of bags available for bulk orders from 100 pcs.

We have the ability to put your logo on the product, which will make the bag an object of portable advertising and help your customers take care of nature.

What can be carried in eco bags besides groceries

In addition to food, in these bags you can carry almost anything. It could be, for example:

  • change of clothes and shoes;
  • office papers and accessories;
  • children's toys for a walk;
  • various tools and consumables.

You can carry almost anything in such bags and what your imagination can do. It's not even just what you used to carry in plastic bags - the bag can carry much more weight.

Our bags can be used in a variety of business areas, for various tasks and purposes. Corporate clients use our products as:

  • promotional material for conferences;
  • welcome-box for new employees;
  • group packaging for goods on store shelves;
  • advertising medium;
  • packaging for bottled water;
  • container for delivery.

Advantages of the Ecoprosto online store

Our online store offers eco bags from the manufacturer with delivery throughout Ukraine. Our production is located in Kiev, thanks to which, self-delivery of products from our warehouse is also available to corporate clients.

The production lines use the most modern equipment. So, for example, for large runs of eco-bags, ultrasonic welding technology is used. Printing is done using only natural inks using our own technology. We are very scrupulous about the quality of our products, so its control is carried out at all stages of production and complies with the quality management systems ISO 9001:20115, ISO 14001:2015.

We offer products that can act as a complete solution for many businesses, which can include not only the bag itself, but also various accessories for it. For private clients in our store there are bags without prints, which are available for order in quantities of 5 pcs.

Here you have the opportunity to inexpensively purchase a wide range of eco-friendly bags for your business tasks. We have the ability to quickly deliver any batch of ready-made bags from the warehouse, or make them to order with your logo.

For its customers, Ecoprosto offers an affordable price for the entire range of eco-friendly products from the manufacturer, as well as the minimum terms of production and shipment from the warehouse, due to the presence of the largest production capacities in Ukraine in this segment.

Being eco with us is easy!