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   Non-woven PP bags from the largest manufacturer in Ukraine of any size and printing for All customers 


      We are the  group of companies with a wide range of ECO friendly goods and BUSINESS solutions for the B2B market. 

      There are various ECO products of own production and products of our partners.    

      The main our specialization is production of ECO bags from non-woven materials, so we made canvas, cotton bags and other ECO friendly goods.


      We have more than 8 years of successful experience in the production of eco bags, we have already made several tens of millions pieces for our customers.

    Our customers are such well-known international brands and companies and many others. and we will be glad to see you as our partners.

     Our production company "MID PRO" is the largest manufacturer in Ukraine of products from non-woven materials.  We have several of universal machine for different type of Bags and Full Automatic Lines bag we can produce more then100 thousand pieces per hour independence of products type.  Our modern equipment allows us to print any amazing images on a bags using silk-screen printing technology and flex printing. Our prints with bright and rich colors, environmentally friendly and wear-resistant paints.

        We have partnership with the various non-woven producers from Poland, Turkey, Belarus and Asia that was checked by the years of partnership and millions of produced eco-bags. We can produce bags from standard and laminated polypropylene. 
        Non-woven polypropylene - is a very durable and wearable material. Bags from this material will serve for a long time.  We have own non-woven ecobags production, printing and distribution capacities. All-in-one manufacture helps us to make high quality control standards on each step of process that allows us to supply only 100% quality products.

        The quality of our products is confirmed by certificates ISI International Organization for Standardization, and the trust of our customers

      We produce high quality non-woven PP bags, tote bags, grossery shopping bags, laundry bags for hotel, tote bags, t-shirt bags, backpacks, shoe bags, vine bags and other products. 

      We have a warehouse program for ready-made bags with a zipper and we make any eco bags according to individual sizes and designs.

        Giving your products in our ecofriendly bags not only helps your business minimizing waste and pollution but also attracts towards your business consumers, who care about environment

       Besides, our bags are very good tools for the branding of your business as they are ideal for printing.  You can put your brand logo on our bags in any style you want. 

      Our ecofriendly bags are ideal packaging for coffee, tea, nuts, cookies, candy,  spices and other foods . It is interesting for group packing and promo sets of any products. 

Some from our products:

- Promotion bags with your logo

- Shopping bags & Tote Bags

- Laminated durable bags

- Eco friendly T-shirt

- D-Cut bags 

 -U-Cut bags 

- Cotton and jute bags


But what makes us different from other eco bag producers?


The impeccable quality of our product, and the main advantages of cooperation with us: We don't just sell you bags - we offer bold, integrated, innovative solutions for your business.

      * We create additional value for your brand in the eyes of your customers.

      * We are the first in Ukraine to create ECO SMART BAGS with the integration of special NFC chips, which opens up almost unlimited opportunities for interacting with your customers and target audience.

      * We initiate and support various environmentally friendly initiatives, take part in joint environmentally friendly and socially responsible projects, making our world cleaner.

So, we introduce our new innovative eco-friendly model of using eco-bags through a network of vending machines and pandomats, using specially designed software.  This concept include of 3 main points: Reduce -Reuse – Recycle of eco bags. It helps to reduce carbon footprint, as you know that carbon footprint is the most important reason of the greenhouse gases and global warning.

 Our solution helps to decrease negative impact for environment and provides a range of benefits for retailers and customers, and we are ready to share it with you in details.

 We combine environmental initiatives and modern technologies such as the Internet of Things, NFC (near field communication) and RFID (radio frequency identification)

How it works ?:

1.     As soon as the user brings his smartphone to a special chip on the bag, he gets to the site, video, application or anywhere

2.     So, for example, the user gets to the page of special offers of a retail chain or partner store

3.     We integrate our Smart Bags into loyalty programs for retail

4.     Our smart eco bags allow you to communicate and interact with your customers

5.     Customers get a new customer experience when they do shopping and your brand increase the loyalty of their customers and gets grows of sales

     OUR smart eco bags can tell your brands story and help sell your products. Our smart eco bag is an effective marketing tool that allows you to solve many business problems.

    It can be used for various purposes in almost any type of business:

For example, as a promotional bag at various conferences, exhibitions, business events and tell everything about your company. It can serve as a business card and a quick exchange of contacts, it can actually replace business cards or supplement them.

How it works ?:  Works With Any Kind of Bag

 Choose Your Own Projects 

You would like to use a specific kind of bag? No problem! We offer a huge variety of bags or  can provide you with our NFC tags that can be integrated into any reusable shopping bag

 Define Your Own Rewards of your customers

 Decide which rewards you want to offer your customers.

  Offer various options and let them choose every time they go shopping, or just select one project or discount that customers receive with their smart bag.

  You can Choose Your Own Projects for support ore promotion using our solutions. We offer specific ideas for your business and develop it together in cooperation

 We open for cooperation with trade and retail companies, we wait for you if your business is related to hotels and restaurants, and we have special offers for delivery service and courier service.